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The Society has long considered formally registering as a charity; not least as it has always pursued charitable objectives since its foundation in 1951. When the society was originally formed it established a constitution, an associated set of Rules, and executive committee, and regular meetings (including an Annual General Meeting). The whole amounted to two sheets of paper; all that was necessary for the smooth running of the Society.

Modern requirements are rather different. At the 2015 AGM the membership approved the VEHS becoming a registered charity. An updated constitution, based on a model constitution published by the Charity commission, was also formally approved at that AGM. The required paperwork was duly compiled, completed, and submitted to the Charity Commission. The VEHS became a registered charity (number 1164317) on 9 November 2015.

The membership approved a series of small constitutional changes at the 2017 AGM; including restoring some of the features of the original Society constitution (for example size of the committee). These amendments were accepted by the Charity Commission in June 2017.

When Evesham Town Council took over responsibility for running the Almonry Museum, the Society, revised its priorities to give more emphasis to its other roles including lectures and displays. At the 2021 AGM a revised wording of its Charitable Objects were proposed and - after discussion with the Charity Commission a new form of words was agreed.

You can read both the Constitution and the Bye-laws here.

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