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The magazine of the VEHS

Every year the VEHS publishes its in-house magazine The Almoner's Pen. A copy is given to every member (it's one of the many benefits of membership!) and they contain all sorts of fascinating articles, items and images.


Starting in  2006, there were issues each six months, but since 2013, the magazine has been expanded and published once a year in September (there was an additional issue in December 2020 in lieu of our talks).

Hard copies of nearly all of the back numbers of The Almoner's Pen are available at our talks evenings, or contact us for details. The most recent editions are normally available to members only.

We are always happy to consider items to include in the magazine - articles academic, humorous or interesting; poems etc. If you would like to contribute just Contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Contents include:

Almoners Pen 2022 cover.jpg

• The Asparagus Knife
• Comments on the Elizabethan Paintings found in 1956              at 56 High Street, Evesham
• The Leicester Tower

• The Gallant Edith Bratt
• Evesham's Associations with Music and Musicians
• Medieval Market Adventures - and a Certain Church Tower
• This and That

• The Third Battle of Evesham

• Patrick Brotherton


Almoner's Pen 2021 front cover.jpg

Contents include:

• The Scale Buoy
• The Love Token
• All Saints' Church, Church Lench

          and the Victorian Gothic Revival
• A 1940s and 1950s Childhood in a Somerset Rectory
• The First Evesham Post Stamp and Other Early Mail Stories
• The 12th or Evesham Company of Worcestershire Rifle Volunteers
• The Tower View Cafe

We regret that this edition os now out of print


Contents include:

• The Lost Vicarage Library of Norton
• A Festive Puzzle
• Church Lench Life in the 1950s
• A Memory of Radford Mill
• Evesham Abbey Deer Park in Aldington · Oil Lighting on the Causeway
• The Sentinel: The Search is Over
• Hannah' Yorkshire Christmas Pye
• Boxing Day 1853

Almoner's Pen 2020 December Cover.jpg


Contents include:

 An Historical Drama Brings Simon de Montfort to Life

• The Reverend Martin Amphlett .

• Evesham's Very Own version of Pooh-Sticks

• Two Knights of the Realm: Maxwell Joseph and Harold Samuel

• Post-war Developments in Evesham

• The Way to London: Vale of Evesham Roads 1350 to 1880

• Wood Norton - The View from The Ladies' Realm

Almoner's Pen 2020 September Cover.jpg


Contents include:

• Simon de Montfort: Idealist or Opportunist?
• Lord Marcus Hill, MP for Evesham 1837-1852
• The Founding of Evesham Abbey - a Sideways Look
• The Lenches Villages in the 19th Century • Evesham Gas Works
• A Murder in Honeyboume
• The Redditch to Ashchurch Railway Line

Almoner's Pen 2019 Cover.jpg


Contents include:

• A Public Hanging and Transportation in 1831
• Evesham Abbey's Final Week
• The 1914 Christmas Truce: Two First-hand Accounts
• Water Shortages in WW2
• The Evesham Gas Works and Percy Fletcher
• William New, Onion Theft in Evesham and Seven Years in Tasmania
• Twyford
• The First Cinemas in Evesham
• A Hoard of Roman Coins
• Frederick Grinnell

Almoner's Pen 2018 Cover.jpg


Contents include:

• Arthur "Badsey" Davis: The Com Dolly Craftsman
• Our Georgian Dress Collection
• Local Heroes of World War One · My Great Aunt Annie, Miss Anne Lane
• Evesham by Numbers: 1911
• Memories of St Lawrence's Church

This edition is now out of print

Almoner's Pen 2016 cover.jpg


Contents include:

A special series of articles to mark 6th centenary of the Battle of Evesham

• Magna Carta - An Introduction

• To a British Evesham

• Tops'is and T'Gallants

• Matthew Bagley: Bell Founder of Evesham

• The Grey Family at Norton School

• Evesham by Numbers - 1881

Almoners Pen 2015 cover.jpg


Contents include:

• Warm Welcome for the Almonry Museum
• John Martin's Charity
• Evesham Bell Tower FAQ's
• Sir Henry Fowler KBE
• Evesham Weather 1779-1799
• Step into the Past
• Evesham Abbey - Afloat

Almoners Pen 2014 cover.jpg


Contents include:

Almoners Pen 2013 cover.jpg

• The Formation of the Almonry Museum • A Concept of Ancient Evesham
• My Welcome to Sedgeberrow
• Elizabeth Moreton
• My Childhood Home
• Thoughts on the Past
• A Tale of Unexpected Coincidences
• The Abbey Bridge
• The Precursor of Our 'New' Abbey Bridge
• Press Past!
• Parliament versus Patron Saint


Contents include

• Abbot Reginald Foliot
• Roman Monthly Account
• Missing Dimension
• The Town, Shop and Roads
• Building on Abbey Land
• The Quiz • Just an Idea
• The Answers
• Lecture Season 2012-2013
• The Gaiety

APRIL 2012

Contents include

• Ben Cox, obituary
• Lectures of 2011-2012
• Lecture Season 2012-2013
• The Quiz
• Clippings from the Past (Evesham Journal, April 1888)
• Gerald Heath, an appreciation
• Jonathan Hulls and his Steam Boat
• Abbot Walter of Cerasia, the First Norman Abbot
• Early Navigation of the River Avon


Contents include

• Laying Lines to the Future
• VEHS Summer Outing
• Best Practice
• A Parsons Progress
• Abbey Gates
• Abbot Aelfweard, Saviour of Evesham
• Weather or Not

APRIL 2011

Contents include

• Lectures of 2010-2011
• Lecture Season 2011-2012
• Abbot Thomas Marlborough
• An Expedition with the Garrards (by George Klugh)
• The Quiz
• A Political Rant


Contents include

• Should we have an Evesham Battle Society?
• The Abbots of Evesham: 1 Abbot Ecgwine
• Prosopography
• Musical Interval
• Lectures to come in 2010/2011
• Members' Visit to Market Harborough & Rockingham Castle
• Shopping in Evesham
• From the Garden
• The Quiz

APRIL 2010

Contents include

• What's in a name
• The 2009/10 Lecture Programme
• A Question to Ponder
• The Poisoning Act
• Evesham's Last Unreformed Election
• Lectures to come in 2010/2011
• The Oddingley Murders
• The Quiz


Contents include

  • A Note in Passing

• The Annual Outing

• The Ring of Avebury

• Hoby and the Death of the Abbey

• The 2009/2010 Lecture Programme

• Open All Hours

• The Quiz

• The History and Influence of Evesham Abbey

APRIL 2009

Contents include:

• The History and Influence of Evesham Abbey
• Lecture Reports for the 2008/8 Season • The Rudge Ridge Connection
• The Book Club
• 709 and All That
• The Quiz


Contents inculde:

· The Society visits the Marcher Country
• Lectures for the 2008/9 Season
• Evesham before Egwine
• In Committee
• History and the Battle of Evesham
• Minor Pieces

APRIL 2008

Contents include:

• Questions of Place
• The 2007-08 Lecture Reports
• The Annual Outing
• Summer Searches
• Accreditation and Other News
• Lecture Season 2008/9
• Hartlebury Castle
· Foundation of Evesham
• Answers

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