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This page is here to contain any items of news about the society and its activities. It will be updated from time to time as things happen or events are organised. Watch this space.

News of our Collection

We are happy to announce that a number of items from the VEHS collection will be moved from the Almonry to Broadway Museum, to boost its forthcoming exhibition about coaching in the 17th/18th centuries and associated trades and industries.

Hopefully this could allow some of the items currently in store or in the undercroft to be better displayed in the main part of the Almonry.

We will say more when we know more.

Our 2023-4 Talks Season

Our season of Society meetings and talks is now under way, and runs up to May next year. As ever, we will meet every month on the last Thursday (except December) in the Friends' Meeting House in Cowl Street.

Our February  meeting will be on Thursday 29 February, when Tim Barney will give a talk on the history of RAF Defford

Most of us have heard of Bletchley Park – but from 1942 to the 1960’s, this quiet Worcestershire backwater was one of the most secret places in Britain, and carried out scientific work that was just as vital to the Allied war effort. Taking in an eighteenth century mansion and its neighbouring wartime airfield, and focusing particularly on the early years of airborne radar and electronics development, this fascinating talk has something for everyone. The story concludes in the present day with a brief account of the RAF Defford Museum and the National Trust property at Croome Park, both of which are open to the public.



The full programme is given 

Most Secret Image.JPG

The Almoners Pen

With the start of our 2023-4 season, our Members' magazine the Almoner's Pen is now available to all including non-members. Just click on the cover picture.

A complete list of our available "back numbers" is given 



Join Rotary in the Vale for the long-awaited unveiling of the Evesham History Tapestry, a stunning project completed by their dedicated Tapestry group after two years of hard work.


The Tapestry will be on display at All Saints Church on May 20th and 21st coinciding with the Medieval Market. Donations raised through this project will go towards supporting local charities and community projects. Come along and witness the intricate details of this beautiful piece of art for yourself!


We are  happy to let you know of two books which have just "come onto the market" for sale. Although they were not written or published by the Society we feel they will be of great interest to everyone. Click on the pictures for links

                                                              TALES FROM THE LENCHES

                                                              A Social History from Worcestershire

                                                  This historic group of villages has been the source

                                                   of many stories and characters related with great relish!


        Evesham Rowing Club

The story of the evolution on the banks of the Avon

since the 19th century, the Rowing Club and steamboats

and the people who have made it happen.

Annual General Meeting

We held our AGM on Thursday 27 April, and the proceeding went without any riots! 


There have been come changes to our Committee. We noted the death of a former committee member Elaine Anderson and the retirement of Wendy Wagstaff from the committee. Sandra Capaldi was elected onto the Committee and we look forward to the future with confidence.

Formal minutes of the AGM will be available to members in due course.

Our Shop

If you have seen the books the VEHS has published in the last few years, you may like to know that several of these, and recent back numbers of our magazine, are now available through our on-line shop here. All the prices here include p&p.

St Lawrence’s Church








 We are now open again for this Summer- in the mornings - on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays  and Saturdays. we are also open at other times. We hope to be able to open as many Sunday afternoons (and Saturday afternoons) as possible, but how often we are able to be open will depend on how many people we have volunteering to join our rota to come in, greet visitors, and generally just “be there” .

If you are a member of the VEHS and would like to spend a little time in such a lovely place – even an hour or two – from time to time, please let us know. Everyone, keep an eye out for when we are open, and you will be very welcome.


We have our vestry in the south-east of the church, with displays and other material, and we also man the reception desk in the north-west, with information about the church (in English and Polish) and some items for sale.​

Research Facilities

We are continuing to expand and index the facilities held by the Society for research into topics of historical interest, including books and papers at our "library" in Church Lench and in storage at The Hive in Worcester - and also our collection of digital images. This available - to Society members only. If you have a specific interest or are looking for a specific item, please let us know.

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