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Our Library

We have an extensive collection of books, files and documents, which are intended as source material for research. Many of these are held in our storage in Childswickham, but those of more immediate interest are at our Study Room facility at Church Lench.


We have an extensive collection of photographs, pictures and postcards. Many of these have been digitised, to form a library of over 9000 images (including many duplicates) a few of which are shown here in our gallery. An index of our images is available on request to Society Members only.

                                                                        Research Papers


An important part of our collection is the file of academic Research Papers written by members

of the Society between 1967 and 1979, and published as in a series of volumes by the Society.

These are listed below. 

Volume I (1967): Iron Age Hut: A Reconstruction:  PJ Reynolds

Volume I (1967): Romano-British Occupation Sites in the Vale of Evesham:  BJ Cox

Volume I (1967): The Norman Conquest of the West Midlands:  HB Clarke

Volume I (1967): Two South Littleton Documents from a Missal of Evesham Abbey:  DC Cox

Volume I (1967): Evesham Abbey: The Final Disunity:  CW Clarke

Volume I (1967): EAB Barnard: Freeman of Evesham:  K Gill-Smith

Volume II (1969): A Rare Evesham Abbey Estate Document:  RH Hilton

Volume II (1969): Evesham Abbey: a Bibliography:  DC Cox

Volume II (1969): Vale of Evesham Secular Clergy (1532-1540) and their Payments for the Pardon of 1531:  CW Clarke

Volume II (1969): The Seventeenth Century Token Coinage of the Vale of Evesham:  BG Cox

Volume II (1969): A Short History of Horticulture in the Vale of Evesham:  RW Sidwell

Volume II (1969): A Thirteenth Century vessel:  (Photo)

Volume II (1969): A Bronze Age Spear Head:  (Photo)

Volume III (1971): Aston Mill Farm:  PJ Reynolds

Volume III (1971): Exploratory Examination of a Romano-British Site at Wickhamford:  PJ Reynolds

Volume III (1971): Evesham Abbey: a Bibliography Part II:  DC Cox

Volume III (1971): A Medieval Dovecote at Wick, near Pershore:  CJ Bond

Volume III (1971): An Earthwork at Childswickham:  CJ Bond

Volume III (1971): Letters of a Badsey Family 1735-36:  P Braby

Volume III (1971): John Deacle's Memorial:  BG Cox

Volume IV (1973): The Estates of Evesham Abbey: a preliminary survey of their medieval topography:  CJ Bond

Volume IV (1973): The Vita Ricardi as a source for the Reign of Richard II:  GB Stow

Volume IV (1973): Elmley Castle Sundials:  SH Grylls

Volume IV (1973): The Vale of Evesham 1702-8: the Evidence from Probate Inventories and Wills:  JA Johnston

Volume V (1975): An Interim Report upon Excavations at Beckford 1972-4:  WJ Britnell

Volume V (1975): A Romano-British Settlement in Ballard's Orchard, North Littleton:  HE O'Neill

Volume V (1975): Two Recent Saxon Discoveries in Fladbury:  CJ Bond

Volume V (1975): The Vale Estates of the Church of Evesham c. 709 - 1086:  DC Cox

Volume V (1975): The Medieval Topography of the Evesham Abbey Estates: a Supplement:  CJ Bond

Volume V (1975): Churchwardens' Presentiments from the Vale of Evesham 1660-1717 Part 1:  P Braby

Volume VI (1977): Recent Archaeological Work in Pershore:  CJ Bond & AM Hunt

Volume VI (1977): The Medieval Hagiography of St Ecgwine:  M Lapidge

Volume VI (1977): Evesham School Before the Reformation:  NJ Orme

Volume VI (1977): Churchwardens' Presentiments from the Vale of Evesham 1660-1717 Part 2:  P Braby

Volume VII (1979): Wild Bovidae fom the Vale of Evesham…Giant Oxen:  PF Whitehead

Volume VII (1979): An Abandoned Flandrian River Channel at Pershore: Stratigraphy, Pottery and Biota: 

                                                                                                                           AG Vince & PF Whitehead

Volume VII (1979): Neolithic Axes in the South-West Midlands:  PF Whitehead

Volume VII (1979): A Currency-bar Hoard from Harrow Hill, Middle Littleton:  DC Cox

Volume VII (1979): The Digby-Cotha Recension of the Life of St Ecgwine:  M Lapidge

Volume VII (1979): A Medieval Bridge on the Avon at Twyford:  DC Cox

Access to the Study Room, and a full index of the material, is available on request

to Society Members Only.

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