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There are a great many things we get up to. Here is a complete list of what it is we do at the VEHS:

  • Talks : We hold talks each month in our "season" from September to May

  • Displays (in St Lawrence's Church, the Riverside Shopping Centre, etc).

  • Other activities in support of St Lawrence's Church

  • Publications - we publish books on topics related to the history of Evesham. we also publish a magazine each year with smaller articles

  • Articles some of which are on this weebsite!

  • Activities around Evesham town including supporting the Battle of Evesham festivals and including erecting information boards and plaques in the town.

  • Galleries of Evesham (including "Evesham then & now")

  • Archaeology when we have an opportunity.

  • Conservation: We hold a large collection of historical artefacts related to the history of Evesham, some of which are on display at the Almonry Museum. We also have a large collection of books, documents, photos, postcards and images, which are available to members for their researches.

  • Research into aspects of Evesham's heritage and history, using a variety of sources including the documents etc in our own collection.

What We Do: About
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