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The long list of talks here gives an indication of breadth of topics covered. If you have a particular interest - and especially if you know all about it and are willing to give a talk - please let us know.

Talks in 2013-2014: Event


September 2013

Criminal Ancestors 1787-1868: Transportation to Australia (Don Cochrane)


October 2013

The Story of the Seaside (Lisa Jayne Smith)


November 2013

Smedley’s Canning Unit in Evesham (Michael Smedley)


January 2014

Defford Airfield in WW2 (bob Shaw)


February 2014

Memories are Made of This: Songs from the 1940s-1950s (Robert barber)


March 2014

King Richard III: Murderer? Loyal Brother? Or England’s Greatest King had he lived Longer? (Max Keen)


April 2014

Margarine and Mock Turtle: The Victorians and their Diet (Chris Upton)


May 2014

Elgar’s Countryside (Brian Draper)

Talks in 2013-2014: What's On


September 2014

300 Years of the John Martin’s Charity (John Daniels)


October 2014

The Bell Tower Appeal (Stan Brotherton))


November 2014

Shopping over 200 Years: The History of Kays of Worcestershire (Bernard Mills)


December 2014

The Archaeology and History of Rabbits, Pillow Mounds and Warrens (Deborah Overton)


January 2015

The Real Dad’s Army: the Reality of Britain’s Home Guard (Malcolm Aitkin)


February 2015

Humble Homes: Vernacular Architecture in different parts of England (Richard Churchley)


March 2015

The Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick (Gerald Lesinski)


April 2015

Archaeological Work and Worcester Castle (Mike Napthan)


May 2015

The Archaeology and History of Bredon Hill (Deborah Overton)


September 2015

The Evesham Bell Tower: New Work on its Architecture and History (George Demidowicz)


October 2015

James Lancaster: Elizabethan Admiral or Pirate? (Ron Gallivan)


November 2015

WW1: The Last 100 Days (Nick Lloyd)


December 2015

Merrie England’s Folklore Calendar: Through the Year in Custom and Song (Richard Churchley)


January 2016

Medieval Life in Rural Worcestershire: Hard, Brutal and Short (Deborah Overton)


February 2016

Titanic: The Things you Didn’t Know (Mike Watkins)


March 2016

The Battle of Worcester 1651: The Last Battle of the English Civil Wars (Bernard Mills)


April 2016

Ancient Greek Olympic Games: Pictures, Prose and Poems from Greece and Roman Sources (Ray Aspden)


May 2016

On a Wing and a Prayer: the Cathedral Builders (Keith Cattell)


September 2016

Robert Dudley, Queen Elizabeth and the Kenilworth Entertainment of 1575 (Dr Gillian White)


October 2016

Gold, Ghosts and graveyards: the Story of the Goldfields of Western Australia (Ron Gallivan)


November 2016

War Diary: The Sory of a WW1 Soldier (Wilma Hayes)


December 2016

A Tudor Christmas (From Time to Time)


January 2017

Bell Foundries of Evesham (Chris Povey)


February 2017

Clementi: Born in Rome, Died in Evesham (Tim Porter)


March 2017

The Empress of Ireland: What Really Happened (Mike Watkins)


April 2017

Overlooked Treasures of the Bell Tower: the Art of the Medieval Mason (Carmel Langridge)


May 2017

Growing Up in Norway During the German Occupation (Tore Fauske)


September 2017

Light Fantastic: 1,000 Years of Stained Glass (Keith Cattell)


October 2017

Rural Industries Before the Railways (E Worcs and W Warcs) (Richard Churchley)


November 2017

“Embroidered with Woodbine and Eglantine”: Elizabethan Textile Furnishings (Dr Gillian White)


January 2018

Moats, Mills and Fishponds (Deborah Overton)


February 2018

The Anglo-Zulu War 1879, and Two Local VC Heroes (Max Keen)


March 2018

The Battle of Passchendaele: 100 Years On (Nick Lloyd)


April 2018

Evesham Abbey (Stan Brotherton)


May 2018

Saxons in Worcestershire (Discover History)

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