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Recent Talks

Talks in 2020-2021: What's On

September 2018

Medieval England and the Arrival of the Black Death (Ron Gallivan)


October 2018

Boundaries, Borders and Landmarks (Richard Churchley)


November 2018

Evesham's Military Heritage: Writing the Book (Stan Brotherton)


December 2018

Worcestershire Treasures (Paul Hudson)


January 2019

Oppression and Resistance: Worcestershire’s Experience

during the English Civil Wars (Malcolm Aitkin)


February 2019

Medieval Craftsmen: A Window on their World (Tim Porter)


March 2019

The English House (Keith Cattell)


April 2019

Vernacular Architecture of the Almonry Museum (Ian Lloyd-Oswell)


May 2019

A Stitch in Time: Tudor Clothes and Home Crafts (From Time to Time)

June 2019

Evesham Abbey Trust (Barrie Baldelli)

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Talks in 2020-2021: What's On


The programme of talks for the 2019-2020 season started with high hopes in September. But after the February talk we were hit by the restrictions necessitated by the coronavirus infections and the subsequent programme was cancelled. Most of the talks were re-scheduled when the restrictions eased.

September 2019

Of Sons and Skies (WW2 Aerial Warfare (Robert Arley)


October 2019

From Edburga to Elvis: Unusual Saints and their Churches (Richard Churchley)


November 2019

The Land Army Life: Memories of Service

in the Women’s Land Army during WW2 (Robin Hill)


December 2019

A Victorian Christmas (From Time to Time)


January 2020

King John: The worst King but the Greatest Legacy? (Max Keen)


February 2020

Archaeology of Pershore (Deborah Overton)

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As a spontaneous invitation, our programme of talks for the 2018-2019 season was extended to June, to tie in with the ongoing development of plans for the Evesham Abbey site.


Our 2020-2021 season of talks was restricted by the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed we were unable to hold any meetings in 2020. However the programme resumed in 2021, starting with a couple of talks via the Zoom internet facility.

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January 2021

Sir Francis Drake: England’s Greatest Mariner? (Max Keen)


February 2021

Medieval Pilgrimage: with reference to Worcester and Evesham (Richard Carter)


March 2021

Canals and Waterways (Roger Butler)


April 2021

Shelsley Walsh: the Story of a Village (Max Hunt)


May 2021

Evesham Turnpikes (David Ella)

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