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St Lawrence's Church

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St Lawrence's Church is one f the medieval masterpieces of Evesham. Originally built in the 13th century is was an important part of the Abbey complex up to the Dissolution.


It became one of the two Parish Churches in Evesham, serving a congregation on the near side of the High Street. The church has had it share of ups and down over the centuries, becoming derelict in the 18th century before being restored in 1837.  It continued as a Parish Church before being declared redundant in 1970; it is now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. For more details of its history see 

The Society is in partnership with the Churches Conservation Trust with the aim of preserving and enhancing St Lawrence's Church and ensuring it is open and available to visitors as often as possible. We also have a presence in the south-east vestry, where we mounts displays of topic of local historical interest  - usually with a religious theme. The church is the venue of a number of events over the year.

For a collection of photos of St Lawrences see 

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