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TALKS IN 2021-2022

Our programme of talks for the 2021-2022 season was problematic to arrange - many thanks to Elaine for all her hard work in this - but it is now fully confirmed.

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, it was regretfully considered necessary to limit the number of people in our venue - the Friends' Meeting House in Cowl Street - for the first two of our talks in this season. They were available on a zoom link to those members of the Society who needed to isolate, and non-members.

After October we were confident to be "back to normal"! Our meeting in November, and subsequently was held at the Friends Meeting House starting at 7:30pm - all welcome - as usual

Talks in 2021-2022: What's On
Talks in 2021-2022: What's On

And our friends in the Vale of Evesham Civic Society have their own programme of talks in 2022.

Talks in 2021-2022: Text
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